Saturday, 7 June 2014



Alhamdulillah, someone in the house deserves to claim his present because he managed to finish this book.

Frankly, I am not that good in teaching my son on how to read and write. I am strict, impatient and lack of early educational skill. Before I bought this book for him, I attempted few other books on reading but thing was not turn out as I expected. 

Anyway, this book is just sooo brilliant. It need not 8 different piece of book. Just one book of 210 pages. It comes with one audio CD which I used to play in our car. All what we need to do next is to buy him its sequel the "Fara and Faris Siri Mula Membaca". 

As a mom who is in trial-and-error process, this is something like a "big milestone" for me. Facepalm 

As for me, I firmly believe that to let our children mastering reading skill is obviously a very important step in learning process. What follows next is to enhance his reading and communication skills in English of course. 

And he is doing so well in reading Iqra too. Allah... please help us to grow our children in a way that they will love You above all. 


Mama and Baba love you El Hakeem Bros! 

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